Tallahassee-St.Maarten Foundation


Our Objectives TLH-SXMF is a Tallahassee based not for profit foundation that bring together a core group of professionals to provide opportunities by way of our sister city relations for both Public and Private Sectors in ( Tallahassee-St. Maarten) United States, Caribbean, Canada, Latin America and Africa focusing on the African Diaspora Trail…giving socio-economic development its rightful place in the ever ongoing development of global businesses …we create partnerships and bring together groups that normally would not find ways and means of collaboration…so that they can expand on their core business….also opportunities for Caribbean students to get an Education in the USA…we also provide access to Scholarships for qualifying students in academics and sports …. TLH-SXMF has a tremendous network and data base which can bring to the table manufactures, wholesale distributors, financing and even retailers alike, also: Grant opportunities, Education, Youth Development, Sports and Culture, Social Development, Technology, Agriculture, Environment, Renewable Energy, and Financing….. Information and guidance on Goods and Services are a key factor to most businesses and we can make a difference we have the resources....and Trade Leads! If you are involve in manufacturing or distribution of goods and services you need to contact us so we can make the needed connections for you. We also assist with registration of companies in Florida. TLH-SXMF has partnered with a core group of professionals…to make a difference in your development of marketing and sales, be a part of a simple process by emailing us your request at alugisse@gmail.com positivebuy@hotmail.com also visit us at www.tlh-sxmf.org,www.caribbeanfinder.com TLH-SXMF is an active member and International arm of The Capital City Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tallahassee and South Florida Chamber of Commerce also has accounts at Bank of America and Wachovia Bank in the USA. TLH-SXMF has relations with several Strategic Business Partners in the United States, The Caribbean, Africa, India, Dubai, Canada, and Latin America. We hope to assist USA companies develop an international export footprint by acquainting them with the financing that’s available to export USA goods and services internationally by way of EXIM-BANK and others… also offering reciprocal options for foreign companies to do business… At the end of the day TLH-SXMF want to set good will and better friendship in International business transactions and also make it beneficial to all concerned partners…


Tallahassee, Florida 32304
United States


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