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Welcome to our world – at Caribbean Frozen Foods – home of healthy, spicy, and flavorful Jamaican style Patties……If you are a Supermarket/Club Store retailer, a distributor, or just a regular consumer looking to add some spice to your world, think about becoming a customer of Caribbean Frozen Foods delicious patties. It will add some healthy spice to your bottom line and taste buds while having you craving for more in a calm whisper that exclaims..… MMM…..GIMME MORE!Though we take utmost pride in spicing up your taste buds, we take even more pride in being the manufacturer of the healthiest Jamaican Patties available anywhere. We have redefined the traditional method by which patties are made by completely eliminating one key ingredient from the crusts – BEEF SUET (a.k.a saturated fat). This form of saturated fat is the enemy of your heart …. And we have replaced it with the much healthier pure vegetable oil. These products are proudly referred to as: “The Smart Patties.”Our business can only exist with our customer’s consistent support. So in order to keep you purchasing our products, again, and again, and again, it’s the Smart Choice to also make your health our business. Other great healthy features in our patties include: (B1); (B2); (B6); (B12)…


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United States

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