Advantages of Online Ordering With Munchem Restaurant Services


Bring in Larger Orders When a customer places an order online, the system automatically Does the upselling for you! Customers have more time to browse The menu than they would on the phone, they are more likely to Add additional items. No Miscommunication Receiving a customer’s order by fax or email eliminates factors Like noisy backgrounds, bad signal or even language barriers! Communication is vital to avoid disrupting the kitchen flow with Things like having to remake a dish or a costly re-delivery. Increase Efficiency Save a lot of time on the phone since the order simply comes As a fax or email customers never get frustrated by a busy signal Or being put on hold. Another plus is our order tracking system which allows you to see All your orders and update order’s status on your smartphone or tablet, allowing your customers to be in the know. Get more out of YOUR Website Make your website more than just info, make it interactive! By having an online ordering menu, your customers can place an order with The click of a button, while you and your staff serve the customers in house! Don’t have a site? We’ve got your back! Just ask!


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