Diamond Ad agency, which was created to help businesses just like yours fulfill all your advertising and marketing needs. We are architects of amazing ideas. The Diamond Ad Agency is a fully integrated advertising agency that knows how to create incredible brand experiences for our clients. Simply put we truly love what we do., which means we put our hearts into every campaign we create.


Our Process.

We are looking forward to working with your Company. The Diamond Ad Agency knows how to target the businesses and consumers that are seeking to purchase your products and services.  Every great campaign owes its existence to a single great idea—one that is supported by flawless execution and measurement. In order to achieve successes for our clients, we rely on a collection of internal processes that have been designed bring the best ideas to the surface. They begin with a series of subject-specific discovery sessions followed by in-depth research exercises.


Diamond Ad Agency Social Media:

Our Social Media Marketing and Page Management allows to gain new brand followers and stay connected to those are always in need of hearing from you! We have experts that can assist you with your social media postings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram just to name a few. We offer social media personalization for each listing.


Commercials on_ TATV

Orlando 38.0 TV (500,000Homes)

Miami 11.2 TV (500,000 Homes)

 Website 80,000 Hits Daily

Over 30,000 APP Downloads


$30.00Per Spotx3=




Video Production









Listing in Caribbean Finder

Business Directory Website.

728x90 Digital Banner Ads.  



$40.00 per Month


$20.00 Per Month








Sub Total









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