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Think Philipsburg St.Maarten an initiative by Philipsburg Promotional Board to revitalize PHILIPSBURG... The distribution Center of the Caribbean due to it's Duty Free status.and over a 100 nationalities residing here....Arthur Lugisse ... Read full article



Is the willingness to do whatever it takes to get what you want. A true commitment is a heartfelt promise to yourself from which you will not back down.... Read full article

Caribbean Politcal Corner ,Vote: It is a Loud Voice


Vote: It is a Loud Voice It’s that time again when The Caribbean Community will diligently cast their votes to help elect our next political leaders. It’s important to be aware of the potential leaders’ interests as they relate to our needs. The... Read full article



1234... Read full article

10 Ways To Enrich Your Life --Every day


10 Ways To Enrich Your Life --Every day ... Read full article

News for your business because of your relationship with us

on have partnerd with a nationwide merchant servicing company "Cause Payments" that has agreed to reduce the credit and debit card processing fees for ALL of our clients at no cost.... Read full article

Caribbeanfinder News Letter 10 E/D


Progress comes painfully slow in life,but it also comes by leaps and bounds.When you search for it sometimes it’s growth can appear insignificant. ... Read full article

Caribbeanfinder News Letter, Why work for a living when you could work for lifestyle?


™ve been working too hard lately. Health scares, whether my own or another’s, are good at reminding me of when I’m pushing too far. ... Read full article

Med Saver Direct


$20.00 PER MONTH! OWN A GREAT BUSINESS IN THE “HEALTH FIELD” Get Paid to Help People and Their Pets Save Big Money on Prescription – “Meds” and 30 Plus Non-Med Products! You can turn $19.95 per month into $19,530. Per month! ... Read full article

Jamaican/Caribbean Events & Announcements and Press Releases

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Upcoming Jamaican/Caribbean Events & Announcements and Press Releases ... Read full article