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By Howard Saddler

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I can't save her

And Time won't either,

This I think as my caged bird sings

She sings of the heights

And perches denied her

And never notices that her cage is open.

Often times

I think I've found her

But the Sun's bright rays send her back again

To her cage of iron

And the stones around her

As she cries in fury at what's been stolen.

She curses faith

And berates her jailor

As I perch on sill and with cocked head peer in.

I preen my feathers

And think on freedom

As I digest the song my caged bird sings.

-H. Saddler

Don't let the name in the signature line fool you. I did not write that poem. My son did. I

duplicate his words here because when I read it, it struck me as convenient that we shared a

similar emotion at the same time. He just found a way to express it better than I could. He

claims that the poem is a reminder to himself that no one can chain him but himself and that no

one can keep him from growing, striving, seeking, and searching, but himself. I think it is a good

reminder for all of us because it is easy to find the millions of reasons why something won’t work,

and it is easy to find the millions of reasons why 'now' it’s not the right time. It's easy to stay

caged; it takes work to fly. It's easy to dream; it’s hard to chase after one. Here's to dreams and

their chasers.

 Listen to the Caged Bird Sing.


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11 Jun 2010

By Howard Saddler