Caribbean Politcal Corner ,Vote: It is a Loud Voice

Caribbean Politcal Corner

Vote: It is a Loud Voice

It’s that time again when The Caribbean Community will diligently cast their votes to help elect our next political leaders. It’s important to be aware of the potential leaders’ interests as they relate to our needs. Their interests will significantly impact the future of our great communities. A meet and greet political networking session was hosted in Orlando FL on May 16, 2016 and sponsored by Caribbean Finder, Caribbean Professional Alliance and Haitian Professionals United. Concerns from the Caribbean Community were presented to an audience which included current elected politicians and potential politicians.

Concerns included:

Education, Housing, Immigration, Giving a voice to people after they have been incarcerated and served their time, Police brutality, Abortion, and other relevant questions or concerns were discussed.

Information Rocks

Information about the candidates allow us to make critically informed decisions on who is deserving of our votes.  Each vote is extremely important to what programs are supported, or consistently argued against.  Overall decisions for the future will largely affect families, jobs, medical insurance, roads, infrastructure and more.  If you don’t vote, someone else will speak for you; be ready to vote. Each state has rules and laws uniquely associated with them, so remember to research your voter identification laws, election dates for your state, early voting dates plus information for absentee and online voting. Go to  and do some research, each state is represented. These are time-sensitive points of concern. Foremost of these is voter registration, this cannot be overstated. Do yourself a favor, get educated and share your knowledge with family, friends, coworkers, etc.

In Florida you can get registration applications from local elections offices, public assistance agencies, disability service agencies, independent living centers, military recruitment offices, public libraries, offices that issue drivers licenses, and the Supervisor of Elections. Registration forms must be completed at least 29 days before an upcoming election.  Identifications that are usually accepted in Florida are, driver’s license, state- issued identification card, or military ID. Let’s get ready to make a difference for ourselves, our families our communities. Your vote is your voice.


       by Carol Monroe

 Caribbean Finder Assistant Communication Director. 

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30 May 2016

By Carol Monroe