A Real Exodus of the African Diaspora Spotted in France: SOAD launched.

Since the nineteenth century to date, there has been a never diminishing quest for the Diaspora to return to Africa as can be remembered from the Back to Africa Movement,the “Go Back to Africa” which rebranded to the Year Of Return in 2019 that saw off thousands of African Americans emigrate to Ghana.While these movements have not clearly succeeded at returning the Diasporas to Africa for different reasons,there has been a debate on if the Africans in the west would cope, live, work and integrate with Africa in the absence of efforts to Improve on policies and conditions to favor the process.


The SOAD being the Representative of the 6th Region sets the bar high by the holistic approaches of strengthening ties and frameworks it is propagating which should enhance the processes of transformation economically, socially and regionally to allow effective mobilization of the Diasporas for effective implementation of Ideas and plans.



In July 2018 in Nouakchott, Mauritania, The State of the African Diaspora was launched after receiving a mandate from Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, President-in- Office of the African Union in 2014. On 1 August 2019, The Prime Minister was formally appointed and designated as the Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the 6th Region Economic Community of the Diaspora which was officially launched in the Sovereign Nation of the Maroons, Jamaica W.I. The objectives of the State of the African Diaspora extend into many different business investment and commercial ventures, for example:


  1. Heritage: The Restitution of Colonial Treasures,

  2. Defense: the International Brigades of the African Diaspora,

  3. Territory: Land Policy ,

  4. Finance: The African Diaspora Bank,

  5. Employment: the International Agency for Internships,

  6. Food: The Food Bank of the Diaspora,

  7. Agriculture: the Investment Funds for "Country Products",

  8. Education: The Digital University for Africa,

  9. Health: Telemedicine for Africa,

  10. Transport: The African Diaspora Airlines,

  11. New Technologies: Silicon Valley in Africa,

  12. Biotechnology: The Pan African Genetic Bank, Space: The Pan-Africa

  13. Satellite, Citizenship: Identity Cards and Passports, Racism: the International Observatory on Afrophobia,

  14. Memory: The Digital Slave Route,Sports: Pan-African Games.


According to Dr. Melida Harris Barrow, the Vice Prime Minister for the State of the African Diaspora, the goals and objectives include amongst others the production of a skills database of African professionals in the Diaspora, The development of a Diaspora exposition marketplace for the Diaspora, as a framework for facilitating innovation, networking, and entrepreneurship among African and its Diaspora,The establishment of entrepreneurship chambers to educate the youth, the diaspora and marginalized indigenous groups on the importance of trade which is necessary for the development of Africa and its Diaspora, Provision of a leveled playing field in the international corporate arena through the establishment of an independent multinational conglomerate of trade and investment with a focus on the African Diaspora, the Americas, the Caribbean, and the African continent. This initiative will spiral into a worldwide, perpetual and trans-generational movement that will place emphasis on a new global business model for the diaspora,Support the economic well-being of families through the creation of favorable economic conditions that will help to facilitate growth with Africa and its Diaspora and more all contained in the 8 point plan of Action

Events to foster some of the projects are underway, including but not limited to the Expocomer 2020 Linking the global Diaspora with Africa, Caricom Nations, ECOWAS Nations, and Latin America. https://www.melidaharrisbarrow.com/expocomersouth


The State of the African Diaspora’s organization and resilience already gives you the impression of a real Exodus.A people so scattered over vast areas yet so inseparable, guarded by the shared experiences that they are steadily turning into one nation with shared values and a future to safeguard.


On the 24th, Oct 2019 the real Official launch took place in France, attracting dignitaries from African Governments,Royalties, Pan Africans and the State Government for the first time presented actions and ongoing projects and launching of Global Parliaments having summits around the world. Summits will be in North America, Europe, South America, The Caribbean, Asia/Oceania, and Africa. On this day the state website was launched https://www.stateofafricandiaspora.com and among the Dignitaries present at the Event was the Congo ambassador who stated that CONGO gave the State of the Diaspora mandate to set up SOAD Embassy in the Congo. Nations around Africa will be expected to follow suit to see that there are Embassies for the State of the African Diaspora in their nations. The Diaspora Pan African Space Satellite Program NUN named after the Egyptian Goddess of the sky will be launched from Congo and The Space Program will be headed by Minister of Science and Industry for the STATE OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA Cheick Modibo Diarra, former Prime Minister of Mali, former project manager at NASA, former Head of Microsoft Africa.


The organization and delivery exhibited is both shocking as it is exciting.Several organizations within black communities are concerned at how this has happened so rapidly without so much media interference as it takes the shape of a long-planned intervention.


It looks like finally the Diasporas who have struggled with a hunger to unite, to return and to get involved in solving their needs and addressing their own problems have a hope to cling on through the state of the African Diaspora the government representing region 6 of the African Union.

We can only keep our hopes up while extending our own means of assistance to nourish,enhance and support this noble effort for the good of all our people throughout the earth.


Has anything ever sounded so beautiful?


Aleena Zahir real Name Katushemererwe Brenda is an African Blogger,Social Entrepreneur, Artist, Activist and Journalist who runs around the villages by day and writes in the night.You can also follow my blogs at https://the-great-egret.blogspot.com/

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29 Oct 2019