Coconut Water Companey Looking For Distirbutors


What makes my product different and unique from my competitors is that I was BORN AND RAISED ON A COCONUT FARM and I bring my product to the table with over 100 years of ancestral knowledge in coconut farming. My great grandfather originally invested in a coconut farm then my mom’s dad took over the farm then my parents and then I grew up on the SAME FARM until I was 16 years of age. My competitors are investors in a business – the only experience they can claim would be a “coconut water business transaction” on a financial statement. None of them come close to my heritage in coconut farming. Most of my competitors source their product from different parts of the world and because the soil structure changes they are then forced to use EQUALIZERS to bring in the consistency in taste. My coconut water is sourced from ONE SINGLE SOIL BELT so we have a consistent pure taste. NO EQUALIZERS, NO ADDITIVES AND NO PERSERVATIVES! So when you taste my product it’s like drinking from a single green coconut ===================================================== Only Real Fruit Juice Not From Concentrate Fat-Free Gluten-Free Cholesterol-Free No Added Sugar Vegan BPA Free


  • Ingredients: 100% COCONUT WATER

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