Dear Valued Partner,

We are reaching out to you with excellent news for your business because of your relationship with Caribbean Finder.

Caribbean Finder has recently launched our new website designed to help your business attract more customers.

In addition to this we work tirelessly to bring savings to your business, so with that said here is October's exclusive offer to Caribbean Finder clients only:

We have partnerd with a nationwide merchant servicing company "Cause Payments" that has agreed to reduce the credit and debit card processing fees for ALL of our clients at no cost.

In addition to this they have agreed to help us support the Caribbean Community by redirecting a percentage of the monthly savings that will go toward a charity of your choice either here locally or in your native country!

All of this at no Cost to you!

It is our way of showing our support to you our business partners and to continue to build and give back to our communities.

Call your Caribbean Finder account manager today to take advantage of the exclusive offer

Vice President of Business Development( Karl Burt )


Vice President of Sales and Marketing( Livingston Burt )