Can $1 per day really help my business?

Can $1 per day really help my business?

Did you know that for less than a $1 per day you can find new customers for your business without hurting your pockets?  Many people don’t know this but there are too many marketing companies taking advantage of small businesses that can barely get by when they should be helping them.  We Find You Customers is a marketing company that was designed to help small businesses that don’t have much to spend on marketing.  For just $1 per day they can refer clients to your business.  For more information visit and see for yourself.



Your marketing budget now makes sense.

What hurts a small business is “no marketing.”  If you don’t market people don’t know about your company and the services you provide.  The issue with small businesses is that they over spend for marketing when there are companies out there that can do the same jobs like the bigger companies for a fraction of the cost.  We Find You Customers was designed to help small businesses for just $1 per day.  For the same $1 per day, their competitors charge upwards of $1,000 per month for a similar service.  To learn more about We Find You Customers can benefit your company take a look at

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06 Oct 2016

By Howard Saddler